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Collaboration is the key to success. Freshmushrooms is part of nature and believes in symbiosis in the sense of mutually beneficial coexistence. Mycelium is what connects the world through its network of hyphae. With here and there a truffle that forms a storage for what will later bear fruit.

Freshmushrooms functions in the same way in economic nature and is therefore open to all forms of cooperation. Do you have a webshop in related products and / or services and are you interested in the products of Freshmushrooms? 

You too can become a reseller of the following products of Freshmushrooms: 

Freshmushrooms products are of high quality 

As grower of the products we dispose of all necessary knowledge. We enable resellers to realise the expansion of Freshmushrooms' products both within and outside Europe. Take advantage of the opportunities that exist in your area and become a reseller of the success formula that is Freshmushrooms.

The Netherlands leading in cultivation of 100% natural products  

In terms of knowledge, food safety and innovation, the Netherlands is leading the way in this sector. Freshmushrooms fits perfectly into this picture. Within the framework of the concept, we transfer our expertise on safe cultivation and use to the resellers. Intensive guidance takes place in preparing the storage and sales area so that it meets the legal hygiene requirements.

Due to the increasing demand for Freshmushrooms' products and the possibility for resellers to sell the products independently, the Freshmushrooms brand has grown tremendously in Europe. The brand is synonymous with high quality 100% natural products. Freshmushrooms can count on much appreciation among connoisseurs. 

Becoming a reseller means making money 

Selling the products of Freshmushrooms makes it possible for companies to achieve additional profits. Including the concept in your business portfolio is very simple. You only have to do what you are good at; selling a concept. 

To start with, our experts assist the buyer in the provision of the correct required information. The reseller also receives a complete package of images and texts which, after being re-written in their own words, can be used for the product pages on their own website, for example. 

If necessary, help can be offered in drawing up a well-founded business plan, a webshop. If desired, you can also count on marketing support. 

We then continue to support the reseller with a wide range of tools that can boost sales. 

Become a reseller? Talk to us 

We would be happy to explain the Freshmushrooms concept to you in a personal meeting. Are you interested in selling the Freshmushrooms products in your area, please let us know through our contact form.