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Instructions for use

XP stands for Microdosing eXPloration, eXPerience and eXPanding.

Microdosing XP is designed for a daily dosage. New users are recommended to start off with 1 portion or less per day. Microdosing is intended to keep the user level-headed and fully focused.

Microdosing means the consumption of a minimum dose of truffles, approximately 1/10 of a dose which would result in a psychedelic experience. You take the truffles for 1 to 2 months. After this time you have a 2-week gap. You will not trip from taking a microdosage. The effects are subtle, and it works on a sub-perceptual level. This means that a micro-dose does not cause any classic psychedelic effects and visual disturbances.
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More energy
Clearer thinking and better concentration
Better problem-solving ability
More creativity
Positive mood
Emotional connection with the people around you
Greater self-awareness and greater awareness of your environment
More in the ‘Now’, being in the moment


Microdosing provides natural mental and physical support
MicrodosingXP provides natural mental support for the following:
• equilibrium of mind and body, ups and downs and mood swings
• feelings of depression, dejection, melancholy, despondency and social anxiety
• a natural phasing out in case of addictions (such as smoking)
MicrodosingXP also provides natural physical support such as: 
• improved sleep
• helps with cluster headaches, migraine, menstrual complaints (PMS) and inflammation
Which personal developments are experienced with MicrodosingXP?*
• having a more positive and conscious attitude towards life with more energy and a better frame of mind
• facilitates: concentration, focus and reduces procrastination
• improved: choice making, performance, productivity, creativity and problem-solving ability
• boosting sensory perception, understanding of your environment and nature around you
• you have a greater appreciation of life 
* Everyone is unique and, therefore, the effect may vary from one person to another.
For which individuals is microdosing not recommended?
• Anyone under the age of 18.
• Pregnant women and/or women who are breastfeeding.
• If you are taking lithium carbonate or tramadol.
• If you are prone to psychosis, paranoia, feelings of mistrust or anxiety disorder. 
• Note: men suffering from colour blindness may experience hallucinations after taking. 
Combining microdosing with drugs?
There are risks associated with taking most drugs. Drugs can cause side effects (possibly in combination with microdosing). A list of drugs has been compiled following an investigation carried out by Mr James Fadiman Ph.D. These drugs can be combined with MicrodosingXP without any problems. 
Please see the following website to view the list: - drugs and supplements
Reported adverse effects of Microdosing
Anxiety and paranoia symptoms may worsen during microdosing. This also applies to a manic phase of a bipolar disorder. Users do experience benefits when microdosing in the depressive stage of this disorder. Microdosing truffles may cause minor stomach complaints and nausea.