Fresh Mushrooms LTD

About 25 years ago, Hans Grootewal, the owner of Fresh Mushrooms LTD, developed a product which would change society forever. This unique product, the magic truffle, led to the MicrodosingXP magic truffle as we know it today, after many years of testing and improvements. 
These truffles were an immediate success in the Netherlands because of their high quality and their safe usage.
Fresh Mushrooms is now the market leader in microdosing magic truffles and there is a huge amount of interest globally.
What else does Fresh Mushrooms LTD do?

Freshmushrooms manufactures Psilocybe cubensis grow kits. Over a lengthy period of testing they have perfected their kits and extended the range to as many as 11 different strains. The grow kits are exclusively available via carefully selected dealers and online shops. Hailed for quality, this dealer network has expanded further and the grow kits are now available in all locations. verkrijgbaar zijn.