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Fresh Mushrooms Ltd has been market leader for 25 years for producing fresh psilocybin containing truffles. Fresh Mushrooms’ truffles are high quality and fully adherent to the standard set by the European Food Safety Authority (EU 1881/2006). Fresh Mushrooms’ blister packaging ensures the quality of the magic truffles are guaranteed fresh for up to three months due to its vacuum seal. Are you interested in becoming a reseller of our product? Fill in our form below.


Are Magic Truffles legal?

Yes. The Psilocybe Mexicana truffle can be freely produced, traded and exported in the Netherlands. It can also be freely given to third parties in therapeutic sessions. It is a legal product in the Netherlands, as long as it has not undergone “active processing”. This legal status of the psychoactive truffle in the Netherlands has allowed Fresh Mushrooms to build up years of experience in the cultivation of high quality psychoactive truffles, also suitable for the therapeutic application of microdosing. If you are worried about the legal status in your country, please refer to us or do your own research.

How do you make a quality product?

All truffles are made with maximum care for the best product available. Every day we work hard to obtain the best possible product. Our company is under control of the Dutch government to ensure that we meet all requirements.

What are the benefits of microdosing?
  1. Supports overcoming fears and depression;
  2. Experiencing more empathetic connection;
  3. Stimulates the ability to innovate and solve problems;
  4. More peak performance and better physical health;
  5. Awareness of your purpose in this life;
  6. Access more Flow;
  7. Improved creativity.

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