Privacy policy

Protection of personal data


We take the privacy of personal data very seriously. Your personal data will only be used to send you the newsletter and any relevant information.


Respect for privacy is regarded as an essential prerequisite for a dignified existence and as one of the foundations of our legal order. Everyone has the right to protection against the uncontrolled collection, processing and distribution of personal data concerning them.


We endorse the above statement by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, responsible for independent compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The Personal Data Protection Act stipulates that personal data may only be processed for specific purposes. 


We use the personal data you provide for the following purposes:

  • For the preparation and execution of agreements between you and us (for example subscriptions);
  • To inform you about relevant products and services, including communication in the context of loyalty campaigns (eg newsletters); 
  • For product development and obtaining information to optimize our services (e.g. changes to our website); 
  • To prevent, combat and handle fraud

If we process personal data in order to interest you in our products and services, you can at any time object to this free of charge. We will then immediately terminate this processing. 


Requests and objections should be sent to: contact page.


The content of this page may change without notice. Therefore, please consult this information regularly so that you can continue to use our website while accepting the most current privacy rules.